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2023 Kyle Bergen Formal Portrait_edited

Who Is Kyle Bergen

I'm a student of the game - always working to increase my IQ, breaking down plays to understand what everyone is trying to do, and how to stop their efforts.

I consider myself a "role player"  -  I can be the tip of the spear leading the squad from the front, or I can be the coach-on-the-field directing others to work together.  I'm always looking to make sure we win as a unit and doing whatever the TEAM needs me to do at that moment so we succeed. 

I am a naturally kind person, always looking to help those in need.  But I have a switch that "turns on" when I step into any competition. I don't quit, I don't complain or whine, I simply do what is best for the team at ALL TIMES, and give 100%. 


2021-23 Academic Highlights

2020_23 Culver Academy Grade Periods

Cumulative GPAs

Unweighted - 3.81

Weighted - 4.18

Yearly Weighted GPAs

Grade 11 - 4.44 (Culver)

Grade 10 - 3.98 (Culver)

Grade 9 - 4.17 (The Shipley School)

Military Achievements

  • Honor Guard

  • Unit Commander - Company C

  • Battalion Sargent Major

  • Squad Leader 

2022_23 CMA Prep Hockey - KRB 6.jpg
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